Mild Cleanse

A whole home kit for detoxification

one-week program for a deep detox Let's turn over a new leaf

The program is as if you RESET yourself, and bring your body back to square one

Our flagship program allows an intensive and deep cleanse escort by full support and guidance through our web system.

For a week we cleanse the body and give it a quiet space to work. By reducing all external noises that harm us, we relax the body.

In addition, we strengthen it with capsules of green plants, vitamin C, probiotics and more supplies that help it to empower and work vigorously on cleansing itself.
The food will be moderate but satisfying. Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry!
It’s also recommended adding physical activity that supports the process

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After accomplishing the program, you will experience yourself and your body entirely different. After purifying the toxins from the body and cleansing the digestive system and cells, the absorption of food you consume will become more efficient and pleasant. After completing the program, the level of vitality will raise, you will feel light, and you’ll enjoy wakefulness, new mentality combined with a state of serenity. After the process, a natural desire to listen to the body and preserve the change that has taken place will raise. Changing habits and moving to a healthier diet clearly reflect the immediate results in your life.

Your entry card into a routineof a healthy and vibrant lifestyle

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How does it work?


The preparation starts about a week before the cleanse itself, followed by explanation of how to prepare your body, what should be reduced and what should me maintained.

The kit

48 hours within the purchase, your kit will arrive to you.


You'll get follow-up emails that support your process, with detailed instructions attached guiding you step by step during your day.


You'll be accompanied by explanatory videos with Shlomo's exact instructions, which will guide you to use properly your kit, what to do on each step and what is the process you are going through.


You get full support from us by phone/email for any hesitation, question or guidance.

Extra tipping

Recommendations for exercise and meditation in case you want to deepen the process and work also on the conscious mind

What’s in the kit?

A blend of dietary fibers and dry fruits to cleanse and maintain the gut health. Drinking the blend drives the digestive system and cleanses it gently, thus maintaining intestinal health and contributing to digestive activity (helps emptying out).

A homemade, unique and professional blend of home “super foods” containing whole protein (all the amino acids) and a broad spectrum of minerals and vitamins essential for the body to function optimally

A green blend, designed for detoxification, blood and liver cleansing and balancing acidity. Rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll, minerals and enzymes that help to heal and nourish the entire body.


Tablets containing friendly bacteria, which live in symbiosis with the human body, protect it and aid in the digestion process.

The cleanse capsules are vegan vegetable capsules. These capsules contain tree bark, leaves and roots of medicinal plants known to strengthen the intestinal walls, as well as disinfect them and increase bowel movement. The capsules function as a delicate digestive catalyst. In the deep cleanse, they are important in speeding up the removal of waste from the colon and thus help to prevent digestive overload.


Capsules containing active, full-spectrum digestive enzymes, which enable a higher digestibility of food and waste produced by the body

Vitamin C Capsules that help to cleanse the bloodstream by redirecting radicals and debris generated by fat


What else will you get?

Mild Cleanse

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Shlomo Dharma

International expert in healthy nutrition and understanding of true health.

Shlomo Dharma is the developer of a new cleansing methods that combine ancient knowledge with many years of current experience. With 27 years of experience as a natural healer, iridologists’ diagnostician (retinal reading) reiki Master and specializing in Tibetan pulse medicine. 


In the morning, as you wake up:

A drink with a cleaning green powder.

An hour late:

Apple juice, plus harmonizer (a blend of dietary fibers)

After an hour or more:

A fruit or two (apple, plum, peach, etc.)


Blended vegetable soup with enzymes and Vitamin C (amounts are in the instructions attached to the kit)


“Optimal” smoothie (Fruits smoothie – you can find suggestions for recipes in the instructions attached to the kit)

An hour before dinner:

Fresh juice + cleansing capsules + enzymes and vitamin C

Dinner (half an hour before sunset):

Steamed vegetables – blended or mashed

Two hours after dinner:

Apple juice, plus harmonizer (a blend of dietary fibers)

Before going to bed:

Probiotic capsule

The diet during the cleanse is based mainly on vegetables (mashed, blended or grounded – avoid chewing). All vegetables may be consumed, except potato, sweet potato and corn (which should be reduced).

Seasoning: You can use a bit of olive oil, sea salt (weed salt is recommended), pepper, lemon.



Throughout the cleanse, we recommend doing activities that support the process – lots of exercise (running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, pilates, etc.) – 30 to 90 minutes a day. Deep tissue massage. Sweat a lot! (it is advisable and recommended to make an effort and visit a sauna).

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