About the Home Based Detox Kit

People who suffer from chronic problems and take regularly medication are asked to consult Shlomo before choosing a home kit plan!

The cleanse programs change the order and alchemy in which your body is accustomed to work – this is what we call “body cleanse responses.” You can expect slight tremors, a feeling of tiredness, headaches, temporary constipation and slight rashes on the skin. Therefore, it is very important not to worry and realize that this is sometimes part of the process. In case of concern -you can Shlomo for a specific telephone counseling.

Because the process changes the rate of the bowel function. Sometimes, in the first day or two, we feel constipation. Be patient – in the days to come, everything will be released. More abdominal exercises should be done to speed up the feces.

* For people with chronic constipation – we recommend moving to the advanced cleansing programs.

For all caffeine addicts (those of us who drink coffee every day), when the body cleans the caffeine, headaches are felt. Usually – after a day, it goes by. Drinking more water will help, and you may also add 2 capsules of vitamin C to the program.

During the cleaning process toxins become detached from the digestive tract and begin to flow out. The response of a healthy tissue is swelling, so gases and sensitivity during transit are quite natural.

When the body clears toxins, many of the toxins drain from the tissues to the blood. This creates a burden on the evacuation systems (liver, lung, kidney, colon and skin), those systems requires more energy and so you might feel weaker or more tired than usual.

Because the skin plays a big role in the detoxification, rash phenomena indicate that the skin is in increased clearance activity and does its job. Don’t be stressed – the rash will go away on its own within a few days.

As the body cleanses toxins, the hormonal system also begins to clear and as chemical toxins and heavy metals pass through the bloodstream, there is a feeling of tremors and increased heat / cold or cold sweat. These phenomena usually happen in the more advanced programs.

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