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"The way to the practical world, first of all goes through the theoretical world"

Fascinating and enriching lectures About nutrition and awareness

Let’s stop and ask ourselves, “are we healthy?”
Most of us will probably answer positively, but are we really?
Is health just a state of not being ill? Is “disease” the only definition of a good health?

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A healthy diet allows us to experience ourselves, body and mind to the full potential of vitality, alertness and joy of life that are possible.
Employees spend most of the day working, so awareness and a new worldview about nutrition will lead to a change in their lifestyle, and will immediately affect the effective of the organization.
When the employees are healthy, happy and vital, the effectiveness and success of the entire organization is guaranteed.

Our lectures

Lectures and workshops are suitable for organizations, public institutions, private groups, home classes and anyone interested in nutrition with a new sight.
All of our lectures are accompanied by visual presentations and led with the light-heart and humorous spirit of Shlomo, who integrates secrets, stories, fascinating legends and a great unique knowledge accumulated after years of experience in nutrition in an innovative and non-compulsive way.
Food for thought
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Listen to your body
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Detox and cleansing
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Morning bliss – Active workshop
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Tibetan Pulsing – Active workshop

Lectures can be merged and tailored to suit the age and character of the group.
We are creative and happy to deliver the gospel of a high-frequency nutrition in any way that suits our customers.

Give your employees the knowledge they need to improve their function and their life quality

Shlomo Dharma

International expert in healthy nutrition and understanding of true health.

Shlomo Dharma is the developer of a new cleansing methods that combine ancient knowledge with many years of current experience. With 27 years of experience as a natural healer, iridologists’ diagnostician (retinal reading) reiki Master and specializing in Tibetan pulse medicine. 


Food for Thought - The connection between food and lifestyle

A healthy diet allows us to experience ourselves, body and soul with the full potential of vitality, alertness and joy of life. A combination of a healthy and conscious diet, meditation, , movement and listening to the body and soul can lead to dramatic changes in the quality of life and pave the way for ultimate health and happiness. If we stop for a moment and ask ourselves, “Are we healthy?” Most of us are likely to say yes. Is health just a condition where we are not sick? Is not a “disease” the only definition we have for good health? In this lecture we will discuss what types of food we consume in our body, how they work and how they affect the various physical organs, how they affect our feeling and our mental and emotional state, and how we can channel the food we consume for our benefit.
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Listen to your body - "Be Your Own Doctor"

In this special workshop, we will recognize, learn and practice intuitive and natural thinking of knowing our body and the processes that take place within it. We will become acquainted with the plants that grow around us, supplements and everything available to us in order to become our own doctors.

The modern world, with its science and lifestyle thought us since we were children the (wrong) perception that besides doctors, medicines and clinics we do not have the ability to help ourselves in times of illness, not to mention improving our health or preventing deaseas.

When a medical problem arises, our conditioned point of view tells us that only a doctor and medication can help us, but in a matter of fact, in many cases the prescription drugs that the doctor prescribes us only help to relieve the pain or cause the onset of symptoms. But this does not mean that we are cured, on the contrary, many times this kind of treatment only capture the disease in our body instead of helping it resolve these diseases independently and naturally. So just before we rush to the doctor, there are a few things we can do to help ourselves, weather in the time that the symptoms appear or as prevention, and so we can spare pain, suffering, hassle and unnecessary worries.

Be Your Own Doctor is not a slogan, it is an available and simple option for us to take responsibility for our health and the health of those who close to us.

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Super Foods - Why is everyone talking about it?

Superfoods are natural treasures. In this fascinating lecture with Shlomo Dharma, we will learn what are supernatural foods, why they are so important ,and how they affect our physical and mental health. We will learn the natural healing abilities of the body, how these foods help us in building and empowering the cells, renewing our energy reserves and creating real health and joy of life, and of course how we can combine supernatural foods in everyday life in an easy and simple way.
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Body Cleanse , MDT method

A fascinating lecture on food and its components as a major factor in our way of life. We will understand the toxins accumulated in the body as a result of poor nutrition and lack of awareness during the years of our existence and on the other hand we will examine why we should clean body tissues and “cleanse” the digestive system. We will explain what MDT is and why it is significant for the power of cleaning and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle .

A clean system allows the body to live with increased vitality, health and tranquility

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Iridology - We can see it through your eyes

Iridology is a fast and non-invasive diagnostic technique that shows the relationship between the iris (the eye’s colorful circle) and the organs and tissues in the human body.

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul” says an ancient Tibetan saying. By looking at the iris of the eyes, it’s possible to see the entire nervous system and organs of the body, just like a map, “disfunctions” can be expected and diseases can be detected with great precision and short time.

In this lecture we will learn about this fascinating diagnostic method. A method that provides a deep understanding of emotional, physical, and psychological barriers in your body and mind. We will understand the connection between nutrition and the emotional aspects of eating and we’ll learn how fears and traumas become physical illnesses and what can be done in order to solve them. The first step of true healing begins with awareness and understanding. Once we understand how we have created our problems – we will open a way for change and through it for healing.

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"Morning bliss" - an active workshop

A releasing motion workshop that combines dance, breathing, basic yoga, Pilates and relaxation techniques, allowing an optimal channel of energy to flow and reach each cell in the body.
The workshop emphasizes the connection between awareness to our body and between the way it functions.
The workshop will get you fast results of a strong, flexible and calm body. The Morning Bliss is aimed to turning your body on and your mind off.

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Tibetan Pulsing - an active Workshop

Tibetan Pulsing is a modern method of ancient ritual practiced in the monasteries of Tibet and China. The power of work lies in the meditative connection between our life energy and our heartbeat. The connection creates a positive flow of energy, that targets certain parts of the human body.

Tibetan Pulsing helps us to release ourselves from pain, suffering and various physiological problems. We experience happiness and pleasure through deep relaxation and using sound and voice. It is a quantum leap into our awareness, into the heart and away from the mind. It is a process of inner transformation and deep healing for all who are ready to take on this path.

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