deep Cleanse

A home kit for detoxification with personal adjustment and accompaniment of Shlomo Dharma

Complete and high quality cleansing kit 100% adjusted to your needs

For those who prefer their comfort and privacy, but want to go deeper and “all the way” We offer a detailed and deep detoxification program, with personal accompaniment and guidance.

The kit has the same base as our mild cleanse home kit, but includes a one on one meeting and a personalized cleansing plan adjusted you your needs, with supplements tailored specifically for you.

Personalized cleansing kit

1800 Shipping 40 nis | Additional supplements aren't included
  • Full access to the Home Cleansing Kit content
  • For handling and dealing with special needs
  • One on one counseling session with with Shlomo
  • Personal phone consultation with Shlomo throughout the process

Regardless of our cleansing plans, you can schedule a diagnostic and personal counseling session with Shlomo – Here are all the details 

Shlomo Dharma

International expert in healthy nutrition and understanding of true health.

Shlomo Dharma is the developer of a new cleansing methods that combine ancient knowledge with many years of current experience. With 27 years of experience as a natural healer, iridologists’ diagnostician (retinal reading) reiki Master and specializing in Tibetan pulse medicine. 

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