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 With Shlomo Dharma

Food for Thought - The connection between food and lifestyle  

A healthy diet allows us to experience ourselves, body and soul with the full potential of vitality, alertness and joy of life. A combination of a healthy and conscious diet, meditation, , movement and listening to the body and soul can lead to dramatic changes in the quality of life and pave the way for ultimate health and happiness. If we stop for a moment and ask ourselves, "Are we healthy?" Most of us are likely to say yes. Is health just a condition where we are not sick? Is not a "disease" the only definition we have for good health? In this lecture we will discuss what types of food we consume in our body, how they work and how they affect the various physical organs, how they affect our feeling and our mental and emotional state, and how we can channel the food we consume for our benefit.


Super Foods - Why is everyone talking about it?

Superfoods are natural treasures. In this fascinating lecture with Shlomo Dharma, we will learn what are supernatural foods, why they are so important ,and how they affect our physical and mental health. We will learn the natural healing abilities of the body, how these foods help us in building and empowering the cells, renewing our energy reserves and creating real health and joy of life, and of course how we can combine supernatural foods in everyday life in an easy and simple way.


Body Cleanse , MDT method

A fascinating lecture on food and its components as a major factor in our way of life. We will understand the toxins accumulated in the body as a result of poor nutrition and lack of awareness during the years of our existence and on the other hand we will examine why we should  clean body tissues and "cleanse" the digestive system. We will explain what MDT is and why it is significant for the power of cleaning and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle .

A clean system allows the body to live with increased vitality, health and tranquility

Shlomo Dharma is a Master and international expert in nutrition and understanding of true health.

Shlomo Dharma is the developer of a new cleansing method that combines ancient knowledge with many years of up to date experience.

In 27 years of experience as a natural healer, iridologists' diagnostician (retinal reading) reiki Master and specializing in Tibetan pulse medicine, Shlomo created a new perspective and healing technology that effects thousands of people around the world.  

Over the years, Shlomo has included this method of detoxifying the body from MDT to a precise, tested, controlled, safe and healthy formula used today in Bodyflow workshops.

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