Iridology - Personal consultation in nutrition

 With Shlomo Dharma

Iridology is a rapid diagnostic technique that is non-invasive or painful. This fascinating technique shows the connection between iris (the colored circle in the eye) and various organs and tissues in the body.


Iridology is a theory that examines and examines the state of tissues, organs and all systems in the human body. It is already known and accepted that there is a direct connection between an individual's emotional state and his physical state. When you notice the reading of the eye on the marks on the iris, the sign first indicates an emotional thing that the person is dealing with, and the lack of desire to change the emotional state will lead to the opening of fibers and the creation of various "irises" On the physical level, these fissures represent a lack of flow of oxygen and blood due to the presence of toxins in the area, leading to tissue dysfunction, which is defined as symptoms of discomfort.


Ideological diagnosis is a fast and efficient entry ticket to a new, healthy and complete way of life that creates understanding and reconnection to our bodies. The diagnosis will give you an in-depth understanding of your emotional, physical and psychological barriers. It will help you see how your fears and traumas become clear diseases and symptoms on a physical level and how you can help your body heal quickly and effectively.


True healing always begins with understanding.
Once we understand how we maintain and create our problems,
the way to create real change opens up for us.


What can be diagnosed through iridology?

Iridology enables us to have an overall view of the body's internal nervous system, ie:


• The diagnosis makes it possible to see where there is imbalance in the body. Its expressed in the detection of toxins, which are fertile ground for the development of harmful bacteria, Candida, parasites, etc.


• Anemia, skin problems, and spinal problems can be diagnosed.


• In the diagnosis, the source points can be identified for many complaints that have not been answered in other tests, such as: headaches, fatigue, insomnia, allergies and attention deficit problems.


• Early diagnosis of inherited weaknesses or predisposition (congenital or acquired) Such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more. This is in order to arrive at early identification and to prevent their appearance.


• Diagnosis of personality structure, behavior patterns and interpersonal relationships, identifying the source of obstructions that prevent a person from achieving his goals.


Shlomo Dharma has extensive experience in iridology combining two different techniques:


I - Clinical classic Iridology (currently common worldwide) - This technique is characterized by the detection of toxic deposits that cause disorders of organ function, vital systems and the detection of various symptoms.


II - Tibetan iridology, allows us to see the connection between the emotional and psychological system and the belief system and the various organs of the body and the symptoms that appear in them.


The Diagnostic Process itself:

The Iridology diagnosis time is about 90 minutes when Shlomo scans and diagnoses the orb at all levels, linking physical symptoms to beliefs and emotional repressions. 

In addition, it is possible to build personal nutrition programs for cleansing and rehabilitating the body. These programs are tailored individually and individually to each and every patient and are based on Iridology diagnosis.

As children of the Creator, our innate right is to live happily and harmoniously with our bodies and our environment.


So when is the right time to make the change?

An ancient Chinese proverb says "The best time to plant a tree is ... or twenty years ago or now."

So the best time to start is now!


An hour-long iridological diagnosis on emotional, physical and psychological levels is accompanied by half an hour of tips for implementation in everyday life.

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