A 5 Day Body Cleanse Retreat
Ibiza 10-14.10.2019

Five days of a deep transformative process through
detoxification of the body and mind.

In A Private Villa in North Ibiza

with Shlomo Dharma and Ilona


For questions, additional information and registration: 

 ILONA + 34-606-967097 


Anat 054-5552280

This Retreat is your ticket

to a healthy lifestyle that offers vitality, lightness and overall awareness of the physical
body and mind.

The Retreat Includes: 


Liquid fasting with organic and natural juices, shakes, herbs and supplements

"Morning Bliss" - Bodyflow’s two hour daily sessions to reboost energy through breathing, dancing, yoga and meditation.

Rebirthing - an emotional release process through breath.

Sound healing meditation.

Singing circles and voice therapy with Laor Oman Naharin.

Sweatlodge: Facilitates a deeper body cleanse through sweating.

Lectures for deeper understanding of body functions. 

Post retreat tools for a healthy lifestyle.

Closing party celebration.

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The workshop will include:
- Deep cleansing of mental and physical toxins.

- Naturally boost energy levels and strengthen the immune system.

- Relieve symptoms such as migraines, allergies, skin diseases, bloating, heartburn and more.

-Balance body weight.

- Increase focus and clarity.

Retreat participants will also receive:

A booklet of recipes and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Internet guided morning practice,

which includes meditations and helpful exercises to start the day.

Our retreat is based on the MDT system of healing.


What is the MDT system ?

The MDT system, as its name implies, is a multi-dimensional system of techniques that helps to treat the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. It incorporates different methods and modern concepts that are integrated with traditional ancient healing techniques.

This body rejuvenating system was developed by Shlomo Dharma, following his 28 years of experience in the field, and is unique to the BodyFlow experience of body cleansing workshops and retreats.
The methods and techniques of the MDT system work effectively, and touch upon the four dimensional levels in which we live in:


Physical level - Juice Fasting - Enforcing the vital body by deeply cleansing the digestive and hormonal system. Detoxification of the cells and tissues with exercise and special movements that open the body and strengthen the core muscles.

Emotional level - Learning the practice of releasing tension and anger that directly influence our quality of life.  Therapy methods include: Rebirthing, NLP, Tibetan Pulsing and more.
Mental level - Increasing personal awareness and understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow proper nutrition guidelines as a way of life.
Spiritual level -The cleansing journey is a synergistic process with far reaching benefits. The sum of this process can bring us to a wholistic state of relaxation, peaceful tranquility and also help us to experience a deeper connection between oneself, the other, and one's surroundings.

Turn your body on and your mind off!

About Shlomo Dharma

Shlomo Dharma is an international expert of Body Cleansing and Detoxification. He incorporates juice fasting techniques along with innovative body and mind methods which have been derived from ancient knowledge and his many years of personal experience. These principals have been adapted for a multi-dimensional healing experience and serve to bring the body and mind back in balance and to its optimum level.
Shlomo has studied with countless of teachers worldwide and has many years of experience in leading workshops with thousands of people around the world.

This method of Body Detoxification- Bodyflow that Shlomo has developed has been tried and tested in controlled and safe environments with true results that will last a lifetime.

About Ilona

Ilona is a multidimensional therapist and medicine woman.
She has studied psychology, philosophy and pedagogy at the University of Barcelona, the University of Frederick-Alexander Erlangen where she received her degree. In America, she completed her studies in Hakomi, hypnosis and PCT.

Ilona is a certified body cleansing instructor, a Tachyon practitioner, and a certified teacher of Light Language.

The various techniques Ilona specializes in bring to light the unique healing abilities she will offer during the retreat.

Fees and costs

10-14.10.2019 | IBIZA SPAIN

Pricing For ~Juice and Detox Retreat:

(not including accommodation)

  • 840 euro per person with early registration until 1.9!

  • 900 euro after 1.9.

  • Separate accommodation is available for 37 euro per

      person per night. Double room availability.

The Workshop begins on Thursday at 16:00, and ends on Monday

 by 19:00.

Early registration recommended to reserve your spot as space is limited.

For further information and to register:

  34-606-967097 + ILONA 
Anat 054-5552280

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