MDT Detox Retreat IBIZA

MDT - 5 Day Detox Retreat IBIZA SIGN UP FIVE DAYS OF TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESSDETOXIFYING THE BODY AND MIND. In a private villa in northern Ibiza. Led by Shlomo Dharma -…

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Liver Flush

Liver Flush sign up One Evening Meeting For a Deep Cleanse of the Liver Who should do a liver flush? As a matter of fact, all of us! In the western…

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MDT Detox Retreat

MDT - 5 Day Detox Retreat SIGN UP FIVE DAYS OF TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS detoxification of the body and mind 5 days of cleansing and liquid fasting using the MDT…

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Bodyflow Lectures "The way to the practical world, first of all goes through the theoretical world" details Fascinating and enriching lectures About nutrition and awareness Let's stop and ask ourselves,…

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Iridology Personal Nutrition counseling with Shlomo Dharma make an appointment New Life Style​ True healing always begins with understanding. Once we understand how we create and maintain our problems, a…

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 18 sep MDT - 5 Day Detox Retreat 18-22/09/2019 Beit Oren hotel up Mount Carmel 27 sep Morning Bliss 27/09/2019 New Osho Center, Carlebach 1, TLV 9 OCT…

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