Bodylow -5 Day Detox Retreat
4-8.3.2020 -at Beit Oren Hacarmel

Five days of a deep transformative process thorough
Detoxification of the body and mind.

For questions, additional information and registration:

Anat 054-4775055

Michal 058-5220088

Our retreat is based on the MDT technique


What's MDT technique ?

MDT technique, as its name implies is : a multidimensional method of treatment (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), combining different techniques and uses modern concepts,  combined with traditional ancient healing techniques.

This technique was developed by Shlomo Dharma, following his 25 years of experience in the field, and is unique in our BodyFlow cleansing workshops.
MDT system works effectively on four dimensions in which we live in:


Physical level - Juice Fasting - the return of vitality to the body by cleansing deep the digestive system and hormonal system (Detoxification,into the level of cell and tissue),  exercise and special movements, which open the body and strengthen the core muscles.

Emotional level - learning and practicing the release of tension and anger, which influence the quality of life, by various therapy methods ( "Rebirthing", NLP, Tibetan medicine pulse and more ...)
Mental dimension - knowledge and understanding about a healthy lifestyle and , what is  proper nutrition and how to make it a way of life.
Spiritual level - the cleansing process is a clear synergistic process. The sum of this process brings us to the whole state of deep relaxation, tranquility and openness between the person himself and his fellow man.


This Retreat is your ticket to a healthy lifestyle full of vitality, lightness and presence awareness of the physical body and mind.

The Retreat Includes: 


Liquid fasting - based on smoothies and juices, containing natural cleansing products, such as herbs and foods, and its purpose is breaking down toxins from the body (including "plaque"), in the deepest level.
Motion practice - Yoga workshops, breakfast meetings featuring dance, cardio, breathing, tension and release.
Energy work - practicing voice activity, concentration, healing and NLP.
"Rebirthing" Workshop - healing using the technique of circular breathing-aware, enabling physical and mental relaxation, and opening blocked emotions and energy.
"Sweat-Lodge" - an Indian sweat ceremony, which allows us to go deeper into the process, we are able to shed a few more unnecessary shells that sorround us. 

Superfood and Chocolate Workshop - here you learn about super foods, how they contribute, and what is  best to do with them. We will learn and experience a real live preparation of (RAW) healthy, homemade chocolate .
Fascinating lectures - which combine presentations, secrets,and  informative which will give you a clear understanding of the importance of a healthy everyday lifestyle routine.

Retreat participants will also Enjoy :

*Group meeting two weeks after the workshop.

*A booklet of recipes for a healthy lifestyle.
*Internet  guided morning practice, which includes meditation and exercises to start the day.


Symptoms in which this Workshop helps dealing with: 
Chronic fatigue, heaviness and lack of energy, headaches, frequent colds, allergies , bad breath, gas, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, acne, impaired memory, insomnia.
Of course, the process also affects the body's metabolic system and promotes weight loss.
At the end of the workshop we will experience ourselves and our bodies different than we knew. After cleansing toxins from the body and cleaning the digestive system cells, absorption of the foods we consume become more efficient and pleasant.
Following the workshop,we will experience a high standard of vitality, lightness, alertness and mental relaxation.

After the cleansing process, a natural desire awakens to listen to the body and preserve the change in it.

Changing habits and transition to a healthier diet, clearly reflects the immediate consequences of our lives.

About Shlomo Dharma

Shlomo Dharma Master and an international expert in purification techniques and Detoxification with juice fasting (CLEANSE), a breakthrough, invented and developed new treatment methods, which combine ancient knowledge with many years of experience. 
Studied with many teachers, and has years of experience working with individualls and has lead many workshops with thousands of people around the world.

Over the years Shlomo has developed this method of Detoxification Bodyflow to a precise formula, tested, controlled, safe and healthy.

4-8.3.2020 at Beit Oren Hotel


* Double bed room- 3,500 NIS per person till  19/2 after 3,650

(If necessary, we add a partner to the room based on m/f separation)

Single room- 4,300 per person till 19/2 after 4,450

(Limited to 2 rooms only)


The Workshop begins on Wednesday at 16:00, and ends on Sunday by 19:00.

Registration is limited and , therefore it's recommended that you reserve your spot as soon as possible in advance. 

For further information and registration
Anat 054-4775055
Michal 058-5220088​​
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Fees and costs

More about MDT ? 


MDT - MULTY DIMENTION Therapy is a technique that belongs to the new era. It's secret in the integration of a number of methods and therapeutic techniques.
We are witnessing a change in awareness taking place in full force welcoming the 21st century. Awareness of alternative medicine and ancient healing concepts take up most of the ways in which we treat ourselves.

The exposure of the alternative methods is  just growing every year.

More and more new members are introduced to this way of life.
There is no argument that modern medicine is very important, but it alone can not provide solutions to all the illnesses of humanity. In this case we turn to alternative medicine or to other ways to get effective treatment and to feel healthier and stronger.
While modern medicine offers quick release through "drugs" , alternative medicine allows awareness of the problem, proposes to change habits, and there is real and true healing.
Alternative methods of treatment require, perseverance and patience to get desired results. MDT system, despite being based on alternative approaches, offers an empowering process, appropriate to our modern lifestyle today.

This method leads to clear results, which continue to affect a long time and that is the uniqueness of it.

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